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We provide a host of services to our clients ranging from assisting landowners who have been approached by developers for solar and battery, through to helping businesses size, price and install a system to allow them to become sustainable.

Design & Modelling

Having a background in property, we understand what businesses and property owners look for when it comes to talking renewables. We make it simple.

We provide accurate cashflow forecasting and IRR analysis to assist you in understanding the costs, and returns of a particular idea, be that solar, battery, or electric vehicles. Dowling Energy works with property owners and electrical contractors to provide investment level detail about your ideas.

Solar & Battery

We are experienced in delivering projects for small businesses, all the way up to international fund management firms.

Dowling Energy works with our clients to ensure we deliver the project that is right for you, and your goals. We look to understand your future objectives, be it investment returns, or because you’re looking to become Net Zero. We then work with you to understand your budget, required returns, potential site limitations, before delivering a proposal tailored to you.

Expert Advice

We understand is isn’t always as straightforward as installing the project, and you might need a hand on the technical piece.

Dowling Energy has worked with landlords and tenants acting for both sides to deliver a project that works for both. We are able to show landlords how to extract value from FRI leases using renewables, or simply engage with a tenant to help discuss energy targets. We worked on many areas including utility scale solar and battery above 50MW, all the way down to simple 15kWp solar systems for small users.

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